Heat, fire passion! The Artisjus-awarded Talamba, which belongs to one of the best percussion groups in the world, tempts you to a real world music tour. When the diverse, special and exotic percussions, the violin, the dulcimer, the double bass and the harmonica passionately encounter the sounds of music unite and create a new, exciting, incomparable harmony. We are entangled by the brilliant tunes by the Hungarian Liszt, enchanted by the Romanian Dinicu’s virtuous ‘Lark’, moved by the Argentinian Piazzolla’s hot-blooded ‘Libertango’, stirred up by the fiery Bulgarian arpeggios.... You can feel the rhythm in your body and soul! One night with Talamba representing the Hungarian derring-do with the unique sounds of the world!



  • Aram Hacsaturjan - László Grünvald (Talamba): Sward Dance
  • Ferenc Liszt - Miklós Szitha (Talamba): II. Hungarian Rhapsody
  • Miklós Szitha (Talamba): 2 guitars – Traditional Russian Gypsy Music
  • Miklós Szitha (Talamba): Pictures from Hungary
  • László Grünvald (TALAMBA): Traditional Rhythm Studies Nr. 2 ‘One Night with the ‘Black’
  • László Grünvald László (Talamba): Pictures from the Balkan
  • Astor Piazzola - Szitha Miklós (Talamba): Libertango
  • László Grünvald (TALAMBA): Tahiti
  • László Grünvald (TALAMBA): The Story of Okecsuku
  • László Grünvald (TALAMBA): Brazil
  • G. Dinicu - László Grünvald  (Talamba): The Nightingale
  • László Grünvald  (TALAMBA): ‘ Chasing a Starling’

Duration: 90 minutes

Talamba Percussion Group Gödöllő:
László Grünvald, Miklós Szitha, Tamás V. Nagy Tamás and Levente Zombor

Contributors:  Harmonia Garden:
Pál Lombos, Miklós Balog, József Csurkulya, András Pagonyi