This 60-minute concert titled ‘From the caveman up to today’ presents the exceptional diversity of percussions, during which children can learn to play music in a playful way as well as learn to love the diversity of the world. The Artisjus-awarded Talamba Percussion Group satisfies and feeds our instinctive curiosity about percussions with this interactive instrument presentation, which offers meaningful and various entertainment for each age group. With this production they wander in the world of music in time and space.


  • László Grünvald (TALAMBA): Traditional Rhythm Studies Nr. 2 ‘One Night with the Black’
  • László Grünvald (TALAMBA): The Game of Stones
  • László Grünvald (TALAMBA): The Story of Okecsuku
  • László Grünvald László (TALAMBA): Brazil
  • László Grünvald  (TALAMBA): Signal
  • László Grünvald  (TALAMBA): In time
  • László Grünvald  (TALAMBA): Chasing a Starling

Duration: 60 minutes

Talamba Percussion Group Gödöllő:
László Grünvald, Miklós Szitha, Tamás V. Nagy and Levente Zombor