The Bald
  • Age: 38
  • Marital status: In relationship
  • Zodiac: Aries (Snake in Chinese)
  • My favourite free time activities: Chill out (Hobby: Fishing. If I don’t have enough free time it is sleeping, if I have time it is sitting in hot water and if I have more…)
  • My favourite singer, band: Sting, Michel Camilo, Phil Collins, Dream Theater (with Mike Portnoy), The Prodigy and anything which is of high standard!
  • My favourite composer: Beethoven, the Russian five, Liszt
  • My favourite song: No favourite, what is good is good!!!
  • The best moment of my life: When it turned out (or will turn out) that the rest of my life is about to begin! (there are many moments like this..... I don’t know....)
  • My biggest achievement in life: The last 16 years of Talamba and my Swiss currency based bank loan (which is now Forint based but not much better)!
  • I would like to change for a day for: a bear that goes for sleep for the winter; a lottery winner; someone who is fit as a fiddle…
  • The place where I would like to have a concert: I enjoy giving concerts everywhere where I can feel that the audience is transmitting the energy back that we are investing in the concert (by smile, applause)!
  • The person I would most like to have a concert with: Any musicians who have a humble attitude to music!
  • Qualification/original job, present employment: Percussion teacher, wind instrument choir master, ECDL – cultural employee
  • About me: „I am ready to help if it is needed and I can!”