Tamás V. Nagy - The IT guru of Talamba

2015. 11. 21. (saturday)

In our series of introduction thirdly we would like to introduce you Kopasz (The Bald). If you would like to know more, follow our blogs.

Kopasz was born in December on 24 March 1977. Just like the other members of the group he graduated at Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, University of Debrecen as a percussion artist and teacher. He has been awarded at several percussion competitions.  

He is the most helpful member of the group. His motto is: ‘I am ready to help if it is needed and I can!’

He is the most down-to-earth member of Talamba. Finance, contracts and diagnostics cannot beat him, though preparation for a concert and the appropriate packing of instruments needs special attention. It is a key element for Talamba as the instruments and its parts are grouped according to a strict order. Short codes help him in the right packing.

He is very good at graphic design so whatever creative material is needed, we can always turn to him even if the deadline is tight.

He is a very sociable, friendly and warm-hearted man. He loves children, he teaches the secrets of percussions to his students with eternal patience.

He likes a wide variety of musical styles. He mentions Beethoven and Liszt among his favourites.

In his free time he likes fishing, he lives with his girl-friend in Gödöllő.

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