Talamba in Prima Primissima!

2015. 12. 01. (tuesday)

The Prima Prismissima award giving ceremony will be broadcast live on Chanel Duna TV from Müpa at 21:55 on 4 December 2015.

The Talamba Percussion Group will start the award giving ceremony.

At this special event we will stand on the stage and open this important ceremony for the nominees and voters with a unique production.  The event itself is elevating as we can vote for prominent people of different areas to earn this award by our votes.

The specialty of this production will be that we will perform Miki’s track, which was written in 2014 and debuted at our last year’s MÜPA concert with great success in English, with 80 children from Gödöllő and Marian Falusi.

The director of the above mentioned concert was György Böhm, play reader, director and gagman who also directs the award giving ceremony Prima Primissima.

It was his idea to translate this track featuring many performers into Hungarian to open this extraordinary event.

The track Come to Us is a unique production because the children choir imitates the development of storm with voice, hands, feet and clicks. When the storm culminates and overwhelms us, the wonderful voice of Marian Falusi and Talamba dissolve the stress caused by the storm. In the original English version we could hear the development of a tropical storm which ends up in a drumming session inviting you for African music and dance. We also invited the students of Talamba to this performance. On Friday night we will experience a monumental theatrical experience which will offer you the feeling of plenitude even if you close your eyes during listening to the track.

Due to the number of participants unfortunately we only have the chance to stand on the stage only for the second time so it will be a fantastic experience for us, too.

Watch us on Friday on Chanel Duna TV!


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