Talamba in Got Talent

2015. 11. 23. (monday)

After playing together for 16 years, this year we decided with the members of the group to participate in the talent show Hungary’s Got Talent. We applied because we would like to show people what we have been doing for 16 years. There are not only drums and cymbals in our world and we are convinced that all kinds of emotions can be expressed with the 3-4000 percussions. We can confess love, play a lullaby for our children or make top hits played by radio stations. We would like to show the audience in public that percussions can be played to cause unforgettable experience and real entertainment.  

We prepared for the audition with a Talamba ‘essence’. We had to solve how to sum up who we are in 3 minutes. Luckily, we managed it. The audience was cheering and we got a standing ovation. Eszter Horgas pushed the ‘golden button’. We got completely frozen. It was a sensational feeling!

We were standing on the stage and we needed some seconds to understand what was going on. 

We got into the Live Final!!!

This is why we are already preparing for the new performance and we are striving to do something exciting again to show a new side of Talamba.   “We beat all! ;)

Watch our show on Saturday!

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