Stormtroopers in concert Talamba

2016. 02. 23. (tuesday)

Müpa – 20 February 2016 – The Talamba Percussion Group, the finalist of the Hungary’s Got Talent gave another successful concert on Sunday night with the title Tour De Drums. 
After enjoying the productions we could see and hear in the talent show, all of a sudden stormtroopers and Darth Vader himself appeared on the stage, obviously accompanied by the melodies of the world famous film series, Star Wars. The audience reacted immediately to the humour of the boys and responded with a thunderous applause. “We were trying to spice up the concert with show elements that make our performances which are always very spectacular really punchy, as it is usual with Talamba. We are really happy that these novelties met our expectations”, said Levi Zombori.  
Weeks ago we knew that the boys from Gödöllő will have a surprise guest but they kept the identity in secret. All we knew was that they had been planning the co-operation for a long time. Finally the curtain rose and the silence of the stage was broken by the sound an ocean drum, reminiscent of the ocean, then Gabi Tóth sang Madonna’s hit, Frozen on the stage of Müpa with the passion and professionalism which we always get from her. Her performance did not end with this song because the audience had the opportunity to hear Gabi’s song, Enough in the adaptation of Talamba. ‘It was easy to synchronise both personally and musically, we hope that this concert is the beginning of a long co-operation’, announced Miki Szitha regarding the common production. 

Just like many times in the past years, the Fricska Dance Group, which is also from Gödöllő and became well-known in HGT, also guested the Talamba concert. The welding of the two groups offered an exciting mix of sound and vision when they showed the Central European gipsy culture in a 21st century way.
At the rest of the concert the percussion group conjured different musical stations of the world on the stage: we could experience the pain of the Hungarian folk ballads, the variegation of Hungarian folk music, the pulsating rhythm of African tribes as well as the passion of Spanish music.

A great number of guests came to the concerts not only from our county but from abroad as well.

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