Levente Zombor - The Talamba member with the fastest hands

2015. 11. 18. (wednesday)

In our series of introduction first we would like to introduce you Levi. If you would like to know more, follow our blogs.

The Talamba member with the fastest hands


A member of the ‘Szabolcs Commando’, a straightforward and diplomatic negotiator who spends his life managing Talamba. He was born in Mátészalka in 1978.  

He has won several percussion competitions and many awards. 

Attempt to break a word record:

He is the Talamba member with the fastest hands. At a concert in 2012 at the House of Arts of Gödöllő the audience had the rare moment or rather minute to enjoy Levente Zombor’s attempt to break a world record. The production was recorded by cameras and the strikes were counted by György Gémesi, Mayor of the town of Gödöllő and Balázs Kovács, Managing Director of the House of Arts of Gödöllő in the presence of a notary who was present during the whole process. The end result was announced in the second part of the concert: 862 strikes in one minute. The certificate of a world record was handed over to Levente Zombor in Hungarian and English language by Dr György Gémesi and Balázs Kovács.

Free time:

He lives with his family in Gödöllő, has two children, Berci and Mesi. In his free time he likes cooking and grilling in his garden, where he likes to talk and philosophise with his friends, drinking a couple of glasses of wine.

He is a real globetrotter, if he has time, he loves travelling. His favourite places are New York, Villány, Ricsika and Lisbon.

He made the following video during his last trip in Lisbon.

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