László Grünvald - The composer and guitarist of Talamba

2015. 11. 27. (friday)

Here is the last member of our series of introduction. Last or first, it does not matter as democracy works well in Talamba.

 Lacek was born in Ajka in 1979.  He graduated at the Conservatoire of the University of Debrecen, obviously at the Percussion Department. He met the other members of the group here and they became friends. 

Lacek is not only the private composer of Talamba but also the understudy who can be placed to any musical instrument. Guitar or piano- no problem for him. Music and rhythm is in his blood – just like it is in the other members’. He is the audio mixer of the records and the style and sound of Talamba, he is able to sit next to his computer with his headphones on for days, excluding the rest of the world. But the end result speaks for itself…

Lacek is a real chameleon, he seems to be reserved but transforms into a superstar as soon as he enters the stage.

He is also attracted to the theatrical work; he has composed music to several plays, which have reached great success in Gödöllő.

At the moment he is the deputy conductor of the Army Orchestra of the town Szentendre.

He lives with his family in Gödöllő. His first critics are his children, Anna and Bence.

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