György Szomor

2016. 01. 20. (wednesday)

If you follow our blog, you know that we are introducing you the featuring artists of our Tour de Drums concert, who will support our performance with their outstanding talent.

First you can read interesting information about the actor György Szomor, who will enchant the audience with his voice.

The actor, singer, composer and songwriter was born in Pécs in 1970. He started his career in 1995 as a founding member of the first independent ensemble of Vörösmarty Theatre. The stage had not been unknown for him before, as he had an own band at the age of 11. He was 19 when the country became familiar with his name as the co-composer of the TV film series ‘Angyalbőrben’ and the lead member of the band Mohó Sapiens.

His musical ‘Katonadolog’ was performed in 1999, he made it together with Róbert Szikora and Péter Vinnay. One of his most outstanding performances is the musical The Count of Monte Cristo, to which he contributed as a songwriter, composer and director; moreover he played the title role as well.

His first musical successes were in the leading role of Grease (it had more than three hundred performances) and Hair, followed by a great number of roles in different musical theatres, among them also in the Budapest Operetta Theatre, which is considered to be the citadel of the genre.

He has never given up composing and writing songs as an actor, either, about a dozen of musicals are attributed to him regarding music, lyrics or both.

We have already worked together with György Szomor, the artist of the Budapest Operetta Theatre, because our musical theatre play Orient debuted in December 2014. In the performance he played and sang the French gentleman, representing the West. We have performed this play more than 40 times all over the country, so we have really accomplished to cooperate.

At our Tour de Drums concert on 21 February 2016 Gyuri Szomor will sing the role of the thief of High Mountain in the song At Rainbow Alp. It is his voice which we imagined for this song. We would like to thank him for accepting our invitation and contributing to the concert experience with his voice.

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