Eszter Szita

2016. 01. 21. (thursday)

As we have promised you earlier, we are introducing you the featuring artists of our concert on 21 February. After Gyuri Szomor we would like to write you about Eszter Szita, in case you have not known her before: 

Eszter Szita, the singer of CimbaliBand will sing the role of the girl in the song At the Rainbow Alp with her mystical voice.

Eszter Szita has lived together with music since she was a child and singing is part of her everyday life. She is a kindergarden teacher and after work she runs a folk song club. As the stalwart member of the Bards of Tura and also in solo she has been awarded several times at major folk music competitions. As the singer of CimbaliBand she has become familiar with the music of Balkan folks, too, she is responsible for the singing and the atmosphere in the band. 

We have had the chance to perform with Eszter and the CimbaliBand several times. One occasion was the performance Orient when we got the idea that we would like to invite Eszter without her band to have a production together. At the Tour de Drums concert we chose her a song which requires an authentic, female folksong voice. Eszter is a master of this genre, a real ethno diva...

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